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i already see my tile im still not sure to use a pic of myself or not i just used kookie~ i have no i idea how theyre gonna choose omg

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min yoongi wrecking lives since ‘93 (c)

(disclaimer: minyoongin made me post this)

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wait… hold up.. is all the mwave meet & greet albums signed already? :o i think they are.. omg

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Hello V oppa, I’m a bit nervous because this is my first time writing a letter to you… I watched the We Are Bulletproof Pt.2 MV and fell in love with V oppa 슙슙 

Did you practice your cool expressions? Or were you born with it? Argh this hyung is dying ㅠㅠ

Oh right, did you know I take lots of photos of V oppa?? Please remember Suga’s Eyes (슈가의 시선) 응캬캬 ~Yoongi ©


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